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Thank you so much for applying for 1:1.

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I would love to hear what you are looking for support with over our 6-12 month container.

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Tell me about your experience with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. What is your current relationship?

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Please tell me about your business, and where your capacity currently is (Please include a note about your current average monthly income)

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On a scale 1-10, how connected do you feel to your body, womb, yoni and heart? (10 = extremely connect / 1 = feels numb)

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Please note the work that I do includes trauma certified work. We go deep into healing, and into the body and subconscious to create quantum leaps. Please select yes if you understand and are willing to show up for yourself and this work. 


Yes, I understand.


No, I am not ready for this style of work.

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This is a multiple 4 figure per month investment. Is this something you are open and willing to invest in your healing?





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