For the  feminine leaders //


Cosmic Rose Mystery School is a nine month initiation for the woman ready to deepen her mastery and embodiment as a revolutionary feminine leader, so she can be so brilliantly connected to her womb, her body and her intuition that she births a new world for herself, her family, her company and the collective.. 


This is for the woman that is already teaching and practicing feminine embodiment, is on the journey of self-healing and/or is feeling called to infuse more of the feminine principles & practices into her life, business, and relationships. 


As feminine leaders, our sovereignty and power comes from re-learning to access our pleasure, reawaken our sensuality and center ourselves back into the womb. When we allow ourselves to slip back into the role of student, we not only enrich our own experience, but at the same time reach new levels of mastery as the embodied leader, teacher, and guide.



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Imagine feeling...


Unwavering belief and conviction around who you are, what you want, what you do/offer, how you lead, and why you’re here on Earth in this specific time in history


Pleasure in a way that makes your skin tingle, your yoni pulsate and your heart expand – and not just during sex, but like… all the time. You’re able to tap into the warmth & goosebumps of pleasure in the micro moments of every day.


Trusting the intuitive wisdom that your body holds – hearing so clearly every whisper, download, ping, & desire and never second guessing it.


A nervous system that is wired for safety, that is centered and regulated – you can actually feel PEACE even in the midst of a storm. You’re in your power, and no longer a victim to circumstance or the wild waves of what’s happening “out there.” You operate in QUEEN mode – calm, cool, collected, and unwavering.


Safe to take up space, to get loud, to be bold, to be seen and speak your truth, your boundaries, your desires, and your expectations clearly with pure conviction & power.


Actually know your body and your womb, and the innate power you hold as WOMAN in every cell of your being, in every time you bleed… this is power etched into the bones of your pelvis and the waiters of your womb – and you’re in full ownership of it. You can speak fluently the language of your body and of your blood. Reclaiming the story and narrative that someone or something knows more about you than you (hint: they don’t, and they never will). Stepping fully into body sovereignty and the confidence to advocate for your vitality. 


Reconnected to the ancient language of your womb and the healed ancestors within your lineage // tapped into their wisdom as a guide for your personal evolution.


Safe, rooted and overflowing in life, business, wealth, sex, relationships, mothering and sisterhood – when your head hits the pillow every night, you feel GOOD. You feel safe. You feel peace. You feel gratitude. You feel the buzzing of joy and ecstatic “holy shit this is my life!?” You feel like you finally have the energy & vitality to pour into the things that matter most to you in your life.


Now imagine feeling this in your work...


So deeply embodied in your level of feminine mastery that you are able to guide yourself and clients through depth work and radical transformation with zero doubt or question or hesitation – you’ll be able to refine more of your skillset as coach, healer, mentor [learning my signature process involving energy healing, womb alchemy, and embodiment work – and spending time not only embodying it yourself, but refining your OWN unique methodology & process in your work]]


Being the most sought-after leader and healer in the industry – there’s just something different about you, your energy, and your work – it’s palpable


Infusing more feminine principles and practices into the mindset and business work that you already so beautifully do so you can take your clients even deeper


Helping your clients really become the highest, most elevated versions of themselves


Feeling fully confident in how you hold & lead your clients to meet their edges, their shadows, and their depths – you’re not afraid of any of it and can confidently navigate anything that comes up


Being anchored in your own unique process & methodology that sets you apart from other coaches and healers in your industry – your clients organically share & raaaave about the work that they do with you


Not needing to follow a blueprint or rubric for coaching, instead you can so clearly read your clients & their energy that even the most subtle cues can guide their entire transformation


Being so masterful in your work and holding potent spaces of deep transformation that have clients raving which leads to an increase in sales and a consistent, sustainable income rooted in your divine mission and pure, genuine service – making a bigger income & a bigger impact feels effortless and natural


Knowing your work is making a lasting impact not only in your clients work, but in their life, relationships too – collectively, and even generationally

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In Cosmic Rose, we are journeying together into the mysteries of the Rose Lineage of Mary Magdalene. Attuning ourselves back to the ancient teachings of Mary Magdalene gives us the template and technology to remember & to embody the energetics of the sacred feminine. 

This is not about the religious and indoctrinated story many of us carry of Mary Magdalene, this is about remembering the true 'her-story’ of the feminine – her sexuality, her sensuality, her wisdom, her desires, her alchemical codes and her divine ability to birth a new world. 

This is a maiden-to-mother journey, not in the literal sense but in the archetypal, energetic signature of how we move and how we *be*. We’ll focus on shifting from the Maiden energy that is constantly searching for external validation, questioning her worth & her work, and feeling lost in her power. And stepping into conscious embodiment of the Mother archetype (not meaning that you have to be a literal mother) but being rooted, self-assured and turned so fully on by your senses. You lead from deep trust within the body and know that you are held, you are well, and your thermostat is always set to abundance. 



The path of the rose is the path of the body. In Cosmic Rose, you will learn to infuse and interweave the mystical aspects of the feminine into the tangible vessel that is your body. You’ll reawaken your senses, tap into new levels within your intuition, meet your edges, unwind and soften any tension or resistance or past traumas – you’ll essentially turn everything back on, including your orgasmic, life-force energy & your unique womb wisdom. Exploring the different temples of the body somatically – dancing in the womb, the heart and the yoni.


The magic here is in the subtlety, the softness, the connection to the sensations of the body… it’s the attuning & tending to the micro that directly influences & shapes the macro.


As feminine leaders, our ability to bridge both the cosmos [upperworld], the earth [underworld], & the body [middle/inner world] helps us more fully understand and integrate both our humanity and our divinity, our sexuality and our spirituality. We become whole once again.

You are the leader.
You are the alchemist.
You are the medicine woman. 
You are the light.
You are the shadow.
You are the priestess. 
You are the one that has been called to shift the way the collective moves. 


Working with the womb is generational work. As women and mothers, we heal and reclaim our sovereignty for the women that have come before us, and more importantly for our children and those who will walk this earth long after we are gone. 

Together, we are birthing a new world.
One that we are proud to leave for our children and our children’s children.
This is a returning to the ancient ways.
This is a deep remembering of the sacred feminine.
This is the path home.

Can you feel it??

I can feel the buzzzzzing! Add me to the waitlist!! 🍯

The Journey of Embodiment

To walk the feminine path is to trust the mystery that she unravels for us.

And yet, we also want to create a sense of anchoring and support for our exploration.

Throughout our 9 months together, we will spiral into nine different temples of the feminine body. Each temple will contain three parts: teaching or more-so remembering these stories and ancient wisdom that you already hold within you // hands-on practices to be in the body // community circles.

Who This Is For.


This 9-month initiation has been curated for the woman that has already begun to walk her path of being a feminine leader. You are a coach, healer, light worker, embodiment guide, yogi, tantra teacher, medicine woman and are wanting to expand the level of transformation that you can hold for yourself and your clients. 


You know the importance of really fine tuning and putting the mastering of your craft at the center of your work – holding yourself in high integrity. 


Or perhaps you’re a mindset coach or a business coach, but you have been called to the feminine path. Maybe you can’t put words to the call, maybe it feels crystal clear, maybe there’s this pulsation in the womb that says “this is where you’re meant to journey” – either way it’s a call and you are so willing and ready to listen and dive right in [and perhaps weave it into your work to be able to take your clients deeper].


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that this is not an introductory course or program and to honor the integrity of this space, Cosmic Rose is not for you if you are just getting started on your journey.  There is a foundational language often needed to fully grasp this level of feminine mastery. With that being said, if you aren’t quite sure if you are ready to step in yet your body feels like a yes, please reach directly to Lauren and we can decide together if this is the best space for you.

Meet Your Guide, Teacher, & Mentor:


Lauren Megan is a mother, somatic trauma healer, pleasure coach & priestess. Lauren heals and initiates women into the full-spectrum divine feminine by connecting them back to their roots, womb & heart. Her mission is to help women heal, unravel and decondition from the beliefs and generational traumas that keep them from leading from desire, expressing their wild feminine and receiving the wealth, legacy & intimacy they crave.


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