A body-based feminine leadership mastermind for the intuitive and coach desiring to expand her empire  by increasing her capacity to hold more wealth, impact and visibility. 


Womb-Led CEO teaches you how to have unwavering trust in you as a CEO - meaning you are rooted, anchored and unshakeable in your conviction to birth a company that creates ripples of impact while also feeling nourished, abundant and radiant as woman. 


You will learn both the feminine energetics and embodiment, as well as the masculine structure and discipline to create a sustainable thriving company.

I'm Feeling A Full Body Yessss! I'M IN!

Rebecca says that she stopped running her business from restriction and once she started trusting her intuition + flow, she started seeing massive results!

Lauren has this magical ability to drop me deep into myself. For me, her greatest gift has been truly seeing me and holding the space to witness me going deeper, beyond the surface issue at hand. I feel so held, seen, loved, and so incredibly accepted in Lauren’s space. Her intuitive ability to KNOW what is going on (ie where the trauma is being held in my body) but yet allowing me the time to find it on my own. She creates the most incredible safe space to do the deeper somatic work and release.

The biggest ripple effect from my work with Lauren is to deepen my own trusting. To enhance the feminine aspects of my flow as it relates to my life and business. With this trust, it’s helped allow myself the permission to stop seeing my business and the unfolding in a strict linear plane and timeline. I’ve allowed myself to have more fun, to enjoy life -and when I’m in this flow, my inspiration with business has seen such positive effects. I’m expanded and open to new possibilities that have flowed into my life. I’m confident that had I stayed stuck to one “way” of getting things done in business, my energy would have remained restricted and as would the results I’m seeing now.

I’m so grateful to have divinely come into Lauren’s space. She’s truly been a gift in helping me connect deep to my body, my inner wisdom and self trust. Absolutely invaluable in supporting me in all aspects of my life.

This is for you if:

>> You are coach, healer, visionary and spiritual intuitive and run a service based business and brand.

>> You are already working and serving clients. You have a clear vision on the level of impact you desire to create. 

>> You have already laid the groundwork and foundation within your business. You are now in a season of expanding your capacity to serve and receive more wealth, clients and visibility. 

>> You have done the foundational work when it comes to healing and personal self-growth. You take radical responsibility for yourself and your results. You show up for you and your company with unwavering faith in what gets to be possible. You believe in miracles because you are the miracle. 

>> You value somatic, nervous system, embodiment and energetic work. You are devoted or desiring to devote yourself to the womb, heart and yoni. You know that this is how you are meant to lead anchored in your feminine essence and authentic expression.

In this space, we work together around YOUR unique needs, vision, and desires for your life & your company — traversing topics like:

  • Creating offers that speak directly to your soul aligned clients from the womb,

  • Strategies & systems that support your feminine essence & flow,

  • Expanding your capacity to hold and receive more clients/wealth/audience,

  • CEO boundaries & how to have powerful conversations around them,

  • Connecting to your body & your womb,

  • Opening your receiving channels,

  • Healing inner-child wounding & teaching her to feel safe in your next level,

  • Being visible & sharing your authentic voice online as you grow,

  • Knowing when it’s time to raise your pricing & how to regulate your nervous system through that transition,

  • And sooo much more in the realm of feminine leadership // wealth energetics // womb alchemy // somatic healing // masculine + feminine principles
Questions?? DM me on Instagram to chat further.

What's included...

  • (3) Mastermind Calls per month with a week off for integration & rest
  • A private group chat in Telegram for hands-on support & high-touch coaching from Lauren, and intimate community with other like-minded thought leaders
  • A 90-minute private session with Lauren to support with anchoring and attuning into your business
  • Lauren's eyes & expertise on all of your branding, marketing, offerings, and processes (if that's something you desire)
PAY-IN-FULL: $5K for 5 Months
PAYMENT PLAN: $1111/Month for 5 Months

P.S. A VIP Upgrade is available for a few select women -- this includes 1 private 90-minute 1:1 session with Lauren each month, PLUS a private Voxer chat for 1:1 coaching outside of the group. DM to upgrade @iamlaurenmegan.

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Hear From Other Women's Experiences

Danielle reflects that she could finally take an exhale in her business & trust her feminine to lead....


Before working with Lauren I was very ungrounded. I felt nervous, jittery and didn’t feel safe to relax in business, especially if I wasn’t posting everyday. I often compared myself to others in the industry and was struggling to tap into my authenticity and truth. Lauren dropped me into my womb, and things changed profoundly.
My nervous system had never felt more calm and regulated. I was taking deep breaths. I was flowing and moving softly. I could finally take an exhale around my business and allow it to feel this easy. It gets to feel nourishing and I can trust my feminine to lead the way now. I am dancing more. I am leaning into my childlike wonders and curiosities. I am thinking clearer. Andddd I am restructuring my offers based on the hell YES I feel in my body/womb (not what I THINK I should be offering) which feels incredible!
Lauren is incredibly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a balanced approach to business.



Hello, my love. I am Lauren. I am a mother, wife, teacher, speaker, womb and somatic trauma healer and feminine business mentor. My mastery is teaching and supporting women in connecting back to their feminine body, womb and pelvic roots. The 'work' (if you even want to call it work) is really teaching women to anchor into safety and open their receptive channels to wealth, pleasure and unwavering power in their authentic expression. The women that walk with me create legacies and lead lives that allow them to feel embodied in their soul's purpose, all while making money and not sacrificing their family, freedom and desires.