Wealth Energetics: The Workshop ✨

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Want to expand your experience by upgrading to a pre-recorded workshop called Wealth Energetics?

Go on a powerful embodied money date and connect the to energetics of your next level wealth, shattering wealth ceilings and quantum leaping your into higher wealth dimensions!!

It's only $55! (Normally $108)

[PLEASE NOTE: this is a pre-recorded workshop, your purchase includes both a video & audio recording of the workshop for you to guide yourself through in your own time]


I’m inviting you on a juicy, intimate date with *wealth* love… 💸🥂✨


Wear something that makes you feel sexy, pour a glass of champagne or prepare a cup of hot cacao, and join me for a money date exploring the world of both the tangible AND the energetics of wealth within your company.


Together, we will drop into the body and activate the synergy of both the masculine and the feminine energetics of holding, receiving, creating, & circulating more wealth in your life and your business.


I see many leaders online explore one or the other — either the tangible, more masculine components of money *or* the ethereal, flowy, more feminine components of wealth… and I want to melt the two together for a more grounded, sustainable, integrated, wholesome, and EMBODIED approach.


You’re not just going to sit there and take notes either, my love.

This is sooo much more than “money mindset” work.


I’m guiding you *INTO* the body… this will be a hands-on, self-guided practice mixed with a more tangible workshop vibe as we go on a money date unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


I’ll teach you the masculine structure of how I map out and implement money dates & money management systems — that feel sexy and supportive, not stuffy and dreadful.


And then we’ll journey into the feminine creation vortex of how I work WITH & through my body to create more wealth flow and intimacy with money, through orgasmic practices and somatic experiencing.


Will you journey into these yummy layers with me, love?


IMO, this is new paradigm feminine leadership.
Women leading the way.
Women remembering their power.
Women reconnecting with their womb wisdom.
Women reawakening their magic that lives in the body.


We’re birthing, anchoring, and leading our companies from this embodied space.  

**Jade egg totally optional for the guided embodiment practice**

$55.00 USD

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