A pathway into ecstatic radiance..

A pathway into your most turned on self..

// A Self-Guided Journey & Experience




Pleasure is our birthright.


To be nourished, turned on, alive, dancing in our radiance – that is our most divine connection to our wholeness and something bigger than ourselves.


We’re disconnected from pleasure because we’ve been conditioned to be that way, to be disconnected from our own life forceour own power.


Women were once revered for their capacity for pleasure and the way it ignited their power, and then others in places of “power” became afraid of us and quickly began to dim our light and keep us from our radiance. The feminine mysteries, our orgasmic life-force, our sacred birth rites sadly became “forbidden,” “dangerous,” “dark,” and something to be feared.

But we're waking up..


from that distorted slumber, we’re lifting the veils and breaking the spells, and women everywhere are recognizing the truth of their bodies, their capacity for pleasure, and their innate womb wisdom.




I'm a mother, somatic trauma healer, pleasure coach & priestess. I heal and initiate women into the full-spectrum divine feminine by connecting them back to their roots, womb & heart. My mission is to help women heal, unravel and decondition from the beliefs and generational traumas that keep them from leading from desire, expressing their wild feminine and receiving the wealth, legacy & intimacy they crave.

The path of pleasure is remembrance..


A path of returning to.

A path of reawakening.

A path reconnecting us to ourselves and to each other as women.


Our bodies hold the energetic codes to accessing pleasure – they hold the wisdom of what it means to be turned on and turned off, our sacred yes and our sacred no.

Most women that walk into my world feel disconnected from pleasure. They feel disconnected from their bodies all together – shame/distrust/hurt/abuse/abandonment are codes their body holds.

I get it, I’ve been there...

Enter the Pleasured Portal Now - $555 PIF
Enter the Pleasured Portal Now - 2 Payments of $333

Through religious programming & trauma, cultural trauma, the beliefs we’ve been ingrained with since we were first born into this world (especially as women)... it’s the perfect recipe to pull us out of our bodies and therefore out of our power.

But the beautiful thing?

We can alchemize the stories/codes of disconnect/shame/distrust and slip back into an ecstatic and beautiful relationship again with our bodies. 

We *always* have a choice.

We can rewrite our story and choose a different pathway at any time.


We can choose to walk towards…


Feeling well nourished from the inside out

Experiencing true safety in our sexuality & pleasure

Honoring and trusting the desires of the yoni 

Opening our hearts to receive in ways we never thought possible 

Shifting from shut down to turned fully on 

Slipping out of the mind and descending back into the body 

Getting out of survival and once again craving intimacy and pure ecstatic bliss 

And by shifting your internal world, your external work will reflect that.

Everything opens, and you’re tapped into limitless receivership.

In your ability to experience more of life’s magic,

In your relationship & in the bedroom,

In your business & in your money,

In your mothering & your capacity to parent,

It’s all connected, babe.

And it’s yours to choose at any time.

Pleasured is for the woman who..

  • You feel disconnected in some way & are craving *more* in your relationship with your body, your yoni and your personal turn-on 

  • You feel shut down in the bedroom, in your relationships, in dating & are struggling with intimacy 

  • You feel like you have to please & put on a show inside and outside of the bedroom 

  • You feel a lack of fertility in your creative energy & your life force 

  • You have never given yourself full permission to explore your body 

  • You are unraveling the shame and guilt connected to your turn-on and your body 

  • You are a busy woman — a high-achiever, you find yourself in your head a lot, you're a CEO, maybe you're a mom as well, and you're always doing/giving/out-putting but struggle to feel safe enough to slow down & receive 

  • You've been on this journey of reawakening your divine feminine energy, but are ready to deepen and take what you've learned INTO the body & explore the world of a hands-on practice 



"Previously, I had coaches tell me to just "scream" but when I tried, I literally couldn't get anything out. Doing the breath work with Lauren to bring breath and sound together to move energy felt like much more doable bridge to step into the practice of getting used to using sound. Then, when I added the breath work to my self pleasure practice it finally clicked how everything worked together- my pleasure was nothing like it had been before."

What's included..

  • 3 pre-recorded classes that include a focus on each of the 3 pathways to pleasure: the yoni, the breasts/heart, and the throat

  • 3 guided embodiment practices: yoni gazing, breast massage, and a breathwork practice

  • Lifetime access to all content (revisit the practices and teachings as often as you'd like to continue your embodiment journey)

***THIS IS A SELF-GUIDED JOURNEY and does not include a group or 1:1 coaching. To add on the community and/or 1:1 coaching bonus to your journey -- reach out to Lauren @the.pleasure.priestess on Instagram to learn more about her current 1:1 offerings and/or or Dearmoured private membership portal.

Walking the path of Pleasured

isn’t about being highly sexual

and just wanting to f*ck all of the time…


This is about unlocking the energetic codes of being a woman fully embodied,

A woman dripping in the richness of pleasure,

A woman who knows herself & trusts herself,

A woman who truly feels safe to be fully alive and fully seen…

This is about reactivating your safety, your humanity, your divinity, your ancient womb wisdom, your intuitive knowing, your radiance, and your magnetism.

Pleasure in the micro-moments. 

Pleasure as a mother.

Pleasure as a CEO.

Pleasure as a wife.

Pleasure as a motherf*cking woman.

It’s your birthright, love. 

And it’s yours to reclaim at any time.

Pleasure is waiting…

Enter The Pleasure Portal $555 PIF
Enter The Pleasure Portal - 2 Payments of $333

"The space Lauren creates for me to reconnect into my body, my sensations and my pleasure is unlike anything I have experienced before. She allows me space to feel the wide range of emotions that I often have associated with shame in the past. Reconnecting with these pieces of me that I have disconnected from in the business of single mom life has brought a sense of peace and grounding back into the presence."