A membership. But not like any other.

Not like anything you have ever experienced before. 




/ (ˈɑːməd) /


  1. Provide (someone) with emotional, social or other defenses

  2. Having a protective covering

  3. Holding heavy metal as a form of defense

  4. Toughened

My love… Holding space for others all the time is some heavy armour to bear. 

It’s time to take it off.



A membership. 

But not like any other. 

Not like anything you have ever experienced before. 

A safe space for deep healing.

The warm embrace of sacred sisterhood.

A place to simply be. 

A supportive, protected place where you can come to lay down those weapons, take off the shield, take a break from the heavy lifting of day-to-day life as an ambitious woman, mother, friend, sister, entrepreneur.

Where you have full permission to unravel, if you need to.

Where you don’t need to be anything to anyone else.

A vortex. 

Where you will be fully seen, held, nurtured and given all of the tools you need for deep healing and growth. 

A space where we won’t only heal, but we will laugh, we will unwind, we will feel into our bodies, we will move, we will journey together, we will have expansive, challenging and activating conversations, workshops, masterclasses.


Is as much about unbecoming as it is about becoming.

I see you. 

You give so much of yourself all the time, that you often put yourself on the bottom of the priority list. 

You are so comfortable making space and time and energy for everyone else, your clients, your partner, your kids, your family, your friends, but it’s not so easy to do it for yourself. 

Actually, it sometimes feels impossible, doesn’t it?

You’re on a healing journey, and you want to learn more about yourself, to let go of the weight you carry, to feel deeply at home inside your own body, to experience the full power and potential of your innate, feminine force. 

But… who has the time for that?

Well, I’ve created the space for it. 

Power Portal Sessions Includes:


An immersive experience into expanding your capacity in business & your divine mission


14 days of voxer support


In your season of expansion and really owning your authority and power in business, there is always an invitation to lean into deeper levels of support.


Our two our together will be a deep dive into the energetics of your business, so that you can hold and receive more.


Your mission is meant to land on the hearts of millions, and this is the deep internal work that creates the ripple of external results.


Once you select your payment option, you will receive an email with a link to book your two-hour call with me. Closer to your call date, you will receive another email with a zoom link and few ways to prep for our call.


If you have any questions before you book, please DM me directly on IG @the.pleasure.priestess


Where you get to come and lay down those weapons, woman. Take off the shield, peel back the layers, and be held by other women on a very similar journey.


Here’s what’s waiting for you inside: 


An entire vault of trainings, masterclasses, workshops, courses, teachings and embodiment practices on things like: inner child healing, trauma work, healing of ancestral and tapping into the Akashic Records, Kundalini dance, movement, sex, sensuality, healthy, safe, trusting relationships and love, intimacy, sisterhood, feminine energy, business, leadership… 

and oh so much more. 

Once a month we will get together for a 90 minute sister’s circle. Inside these circles you’ll be guided through movement and embodiment practices so you can connect back to your body and give your nervous system a break. We’ll share our gratitudes, our wins, our challenges. We’ll all have open space to share, to be seen, to see others, to hold others (which in and of itself is a transformative and healing practice). We’ll receive support and guidance and encouragement from each other, you’ll be invited to share as much or as little as you feel called to. 

We’ll share our highest moments, and receive support in the difficulties.

In our circles, nothing is off limits. We’ll work on healing the mother wound, sister wound, radical self acceptance, love, commitment and trust. We’ll work on accepting our bodies, our souls, and our hearts. We’ll work on our relationships with others. We’ll work on sensuality and intimacy. On gentleness with ourselves and where we are while witnessing other powerful and amazing women on their own journeys, doing incredible things and we will hold sacred space and support each other to define our own versions of success, without the force and the pressure but with all of the tools and modalities you might need to get you there. 

Can you even imagine the power of a space like this?

Bi-monthly live workshops and teachings with me on things like feminine leadership, heart-led business, conscious relationships, mindset and energetics, receiving and holding more wealth, motherhood, feminine energy, creativity, and really anything that the group feels called to dive into. 

Regular guest expert workshops and teachings from my network of remarkable teachers, healers, coaches, guides and revolutionary women in their respective fields.

A Voxer private community for guidance and support and community and connection with each other. There’s a reason women have been holding circles together since the dawn of time and we’re about to create a vortex for profound growth and healing together.


Hi, I’m Lauren, your Dearmoured host.

Lauren a mother, somatic trauma healer, pleasure coach & priestess. Lauren heals and initiates women into the full-spectrum divine feminine by connecting them back to their roots, womb & heart. Her mission is to help women heal, unravel and decondition from the beliefs and generational traumas that keep them from leading from desire, expressing their wild feminine and receiving the wealth, legacy & intimacy they crave.

And here's a little bit more about me...

⤐ I’m a trained somatic trauma specialist

⤐ I’m trained in womb healing and body mapping

⤐ I’m currently undergoing training as a Kundalini dance facilitator and priestess

⤐ I work with Akashic records in the quantum field

⤐ I’m a master at psychological chakra and energetic healing and decoding

⤐ I’m a master mindset and women’s embodiment coach and work with many high achieving, driven and brilliant women in private containers helping them understand themselves and their blindspots, relax into their being and feel fully safe and at home inside their own bodies, in order to expand into all of their heart’s desires

… and supporting women like you is what I live for

I myself, continually, go into the depths of my own healing working closely with coaches and mentors on inner child, shadow, internal family systems, somatic and mindset work and even feminine business structures.

Dearmoured isn’t an intensive course or program where your “success” and goals will have metrics and deadlines. 


Instead, you’ll simply have access to everything you might need on your journey to deeper healing and the support you need to get you there but you’ll be invited to go at your own pace and work through the vault of teachings in whatever order feels good to you depending on what you feel you need in that moment. 

Then you can bring whatever is alive and relevant for you to the circles every month. Maybe that’s a win, celebration, challenge, idea, activation, recalibration, reflection, or a struggle. 

All of it is welcome. You are welcome exactly as you are.

We think what we need to get to wherever it is we want to go and whoever it is we want to be is MORE. More doing, more stuff, more hours, more to-do lists, more giving, more energy, more time. But, it’s not. 

What we actually need is permission to stop, to pause, to go inward, to take just a small amount of time for ourselves, we need sisterhood, gentle accountability, support.

This is the only true way to a fully lived, fully expressed, wild and feminine LIFE FORCE. 


Founding members get a heavily discounted rate and will be strictly capped so that we have the time and spaciousness to create exactly the space that each of us needs. 

Are you ready for this? 

I already feel expanded just from writing. 


Jordan Wavra

Nutritionist & Energy Worker


"The transformation I experienced throughout this program was potent. I am more connected with my feminine self than I have ever been. I feel safe in my own body. I feel confident. I feel seen. I feel heard.

The practices I’ve learned and began integrating have activated a higher level of myself. One that shows up authentically and doesn’t hesitate to speak her truth. I feel a safety that allows all emotions and experiences to be felt, healed, and released...creating space for more love, joy, and abundance.

Thank you Lauren, for this beautiful space and experience."

Serena Milada

Intimacy & Relationship Coach


"Working with Lauren was absolutely wonderful! Her energy feels so comforting. Every month I looked forward to our session with her. 

Lauren helped me reconnect with my inner child and opened my eyes to how my distorted (and honestly somewhat non-existing) relationship with my inner child was holding me back from growing my business.

I can not emphasize enough how important the work is that Lauren does, and I honestly can't think of a better person to go for to do this work then Lauren!" xxx


Dearmoured was born from a calling to create a space somewhere for brilliant women to come together, where they can take off the labels, the titles, the shields, the protection, the mom, the boss, leader, business owner, friend, daughter, sister, partner, a space where they can simply be. 

Because it is in those spaces where the most profound healing and growth can happen. 

And we, as women, don’t get that chance enough. 

To just be. 

The first round of founding sisters will be strictly limited to allow us to cocreate exactly the space that each of us needs. 

This is a collaboration of hearts and minds and if you feel and have felt the desire to find a small community of women, friends, partners that you can lean upon, and call to, women who get it, who are out there doing the damn thing, then I invite you to join Dearmoured as a founding member and be an integral piece of making this something like nothing else that exists yet.

I can’t wait to host you. 




Looking for more logistics?

Our sister’s circles will take place on or around the second week of each month. Exact time and dates will be decided on as a group inside the container.

The membership has a minimum 5 month commitment, after that you can choose to continue our journey together or leave the membership. (I want to make sure you’re committed to really using the space and giving it time, healing is often confronting before it is healing and I want to give you the time to truly get what you’re looking for and be surrounded by women who are as committed as you)


Join Dearmoured for $111/month or $525 Paid in Full for the 5 month minimum commitment 


…  And YES, you’re getting access to all of this, every single month, for less than a coffee a day.

If you’re all the way down here and you haven’t jumped in yet, here’s a piece of coaching I’ll leave you with:

trust yourself, my love.

investing in yourself at any level pulls us into a new edge -- lean in!

close your eyes & breathe deeply into the body -- the heart and womb. 

ask your highest self, how does she desire you to move here?

& what is your desire in saying yes to a container like this?

breathe into the vision, the intention & anchoring into the knowing that this gets to be easy, juicy & oh so very delicious!

trust you holy YES!

see you inside, queen!


Monthly $111