A message from a private client, Mickaela McNatt

"It has been the most beautiful journey...."

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A message from:

Caitlin Naramore - Business Coach

"In just two sessions with Lauren, I was able to identify and release two major blocks that were getting in the way of my health, my wealth and my happiness and have felt 1000% liberated since.

Lauren's gentle presence and guidance made me feel safe and seen.

She is a miracle worker!"

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A message from: Sarina Sutton - Spiritual Life Coach

 "She provided such a great container, it's a great modality I can bring in for my clients"


More from previous clients:

"Lauren is hands down my favorite embodiment coach who has taught me so much with sitting in my body."

"Honestly, Lauren broke me open in ways I didn't even realize I needed to be broken open. I went in with an idea of what I wanted to get out of the work, but what I took away from it was absolutely beyond what I could have imagined."

"Lauren has pushed me to dig deeper & helped me create massive success that I'm not sure I would have done on my own."

"This mastermind literally shifted my business. I stepped into my purpose & my power. Lauren really pushed me to see what my purpose was and to acknowledge and own my worth, and empowered me to see that what Iw as doing is super powerful."

"Working with Lauren is so powerful. If you are on the fence, I'd highly recommend. She is really simply helping me change my life."

"She helped me peel back the layers and work through that that were subconsciously holding me back. She helped me realize my authentic power and step into this strong feminine energy that I was never able to connect with before."

"My heart wants to EXPLODE with love & gratitude!!! Lauren helped me realize and embody that coaching truly is my soul's purpose & watching the omen I work with grow & thrive is everything."

"I just completed the solar plexus and throat activation training. So much of the work that we've done together helped prep me for my birth experience and I feel like doing this activation just reinforced everything that I had learned and the space I was able to step into during birth. Thank you!!

"I tried your movements after my bath tonight, and WOW... I felt a wave of energy flow down from my 3rd eye into my heart space, and that wave continued back and forth between those two area. It felt like an exhilarating energy!"

"I meditated last night and this morning really cleared my headspace and tuned more into my body. I've completely flipped how I'm feeling since our call."

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