Hi babe! My name is Lauren // Lauren Megan on the socials. I am a full-spectrum Pleasure Coach & Priestess. I help women awaken and activate pleasure, purpose and sacred consciousness. It is my mission to empower women to create, have and be everything they desire. I believe that when conscious woman feel empowered, turned on and lit up they make the impact needed to better the planet. 


The space and container I hold for the women I serve is very intimate and soul-led. My job is never to convince your ego of anything, my job is to a safe space as you integrate your highest/soul self into your physical vessel. 


Most of the women I have the pleasure of working with are light workers themselves. They have a passion and drive to raise the frequency and vibration of the world. They know that when conscious souls lead, everything shifts. 


I have the pleasure of serving women from all different backgrounds, races, economic and religious/spiritual backgrounds. Through somatic trauma healing, reiki, using my gifts as an open channel and being a Priestess of the Divine Energies / I am able to transcend my client into their truth. So that no matter what has happened both in present and past life, they are able to co-create the life, relationships and businesses of their dreams. 


That’s my work. That’s my mission, my purpose, my dharma. But like most women, I play many roles. 


Which means I’m also a mom to an almost two year old Scorpio/MG babe of a girl, Elliott Kennedy. I’ve also been with my partner, Justin, for almost a decade. Never enough words to describe the love and deep soul connection I have for these two humans, but damn is Justin not a saint to witness and watch my own soul’s venture home and all the woo/witchy/mystical shit I do on the daily. 


I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I invite you in to explore my page with all my offerings, check out my podcast (Unapologetically Divine) for weekly episodes on all aspects rifted on above and follow my on Insta! 


I love you so much babe. Thank you for coming into my energy field! I cannot wait to serve you.

Lauren is:


>> certified Safe Space TM Trauma Informed Facilitator

>> certified in healing in the Akashic Records in the Quantum Field

My Birthing Story 

Before I begin I want to make it so very clear that birth in any fashion is no easy task. I respect every woman’s decision when it comes to birthing a baby and bringing life into this world! So wether or not you went “natural”, had an epidural, was supported with pitocin, or had a c-section ... I love you and I respect you mama....


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