In Luminous, we will walk hand-in-hand in private mentorship as we scale your company, anchor you back into your body & the center of your womb, and co-create your dream life rooted in safety, pleasure and sovereignty. 


Our healing as women lies in the body, and more specifically - within our womb body.


We are being asked to go deeper, to reconnect to our divinity through pleasure and remember the codes of abundance and intuitive knowing that live deep within our cells.

When you center yourself back into your womb, your pelvic bowl, & your feminine root system — you expand your threshold and capacity to receive & to hold more.

You learn to trust your desires and allow them to lead again. It’s in being able to ride the waves of polarity within life, business, relationships, and mothering that returns you to your full power and primal knowing.

Hear What Other Women Are Saying About Working With Lauren...

The pathway we'll walk together through Luminous will radically transform your relationships (including with yourself), your company, and your life


At the end of our time together -- you will feel your life-force pulsating through you, you'll feel the fire in your heart, and you'll KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you came to this planet at this time for *your* divine mission as a Sacred Leader with potent medicine to share.


This is for you if you're...


"In just two sessions with Lauren, I was able to identify and release two major blocks that were getting in the way of my health, my wealth and my happiness and have felt 1000% liberated since.

Lauren's gentle presence and guidance made me feel safe and seen. She is a miracle worker!"

Caitlin Naramore - Business Coach



"Working with Lauren was absolutely wonderful! Her energy feels so comforting. Every month I looked forward to our session with her. 

Lauren helped me reconnect with my inner child and opened my eyes to how my distorted (and honestly somewhat non-existing) relationship with my inner child was holding me back from growing my business.

I can not emphasize enough how important the work is that Lauren does, and I honestly can't think of a better person to go for to do this work then Lauren!"

Serena Milada - Intimacy & Relationship Coach

The Luminous Journey is a full-spectrum approach to healing & living that brings you back into the center of your womb. 


You will unravel and create ripples of ecstasy in your life, business, spirituality and sexuality.

The Luminous Experience Includes:


2 x 90-Minute 1:1 Mentorship Sessions Per Month

Unlimited Voxer Support M-F

Weekly Check-Ins (if needed and/or desired)

Optional: VIP In-Person Retreat (only included for 6 month commitment) 


PLUS: Your own private portal with supportive teachings, embodiment practices and guided meditations/visualizations to utilize in between sessions for deeper integration of the work we'll do together

Investment Options:

Pay In Full -
3 Month: $9k
6 Month: $19k

Payment Plan -
$3,333 per month
for both 3 & 6 month options 

If you are feeling called to walk together in this season and are ready to get started, or if you have any questions/would like to chat more to see if Luminous would be the most aligned, supportive next step for you on your path - dm me on Instagram @iamlaurenmegan or *click here to below in a 20-minute call with me directly on my calendar.*
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The space I will create for you is unique from other coaching experiences...


It is of the highest service and integrity that I, as your Mentor and Womb Alchemist, always hold safety as our foundation. Your experience and truth are at the forefront of my mentorship. I believe that *you* are your best guide, and there is no one in the room who knows better for you than you do.

I am fully devoted to honoring both your humanity and your divinity with love, compassion and support always // creating a safe space for you to unravel, unleash, express, and be intimate with all aspects of who you are & what you desire. 


My process is a full-spectrum approach to divine feminine healing.


Full-spectrum Coaching infuses : 
soma (the body) + soul + pleasure + divine feminine + divine masculine


It’s feminine and it’s based on pleasure and ease; and is also based on the somatic experiencing of the body. Letting her lead the process and healing the parts of us that are limiting us from fully being seen, supported, magnetic and in our full power.


AND my approach is also based on grounded structure & support & systems & that delicious masculine daddy energy that's needed for us to feel regulated, to feel safe, and to feel wildly supported. This both/and (the feminine AND the masculine) is KEY for sustainability and longevity.


Its focus is YOU always. Your authentic message. Your authentic expression. Your turn on. Your fire. YOU as the brand, the authority, the leader and the answer you know your clients have been looking for.


The Modalities I Use in My Work & My Lineage Of Embodied Wisdom:

And I am continually journeying into the depths of my own healing and  working closely with coaches/mentors/wise women on inner child, shadow, internal family systems, somatic and mindset work and even feminine business structures.

A message from client, Mickaela Mcnatt.


"It has been the most beautiful journey...."


Learn more about Mickaela here.

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A Taste of What's Available to You in the Luminous Portal...

Business & Divine Mission: 

Soul-aligned to your mission and purpose  

Ability to hold more wealth – generating $10k, 20k & 30k months consistently  

Clarity on your messaging, soul-sister clients and offers

Anchor into discipline practices and rituals that move your business forward  

Allow yourself to be seen in your bigness (ie - lives, podcasts, on stage, at events, etc)

Relationships & Sex: 

Softening as your role of the feminine, creating deeper levels of intimacy in your relationships 

Feel safe to unleash your sacred slut in the bedroom 

Communicating clear expectations and boundaries with your partner 

Feeling more sensual and turned on 

Connected to your yoni and her desires/needs 

Spirituality & Your Intuitive Gifts: 

 Reconnected to the life force that pulsates within you

Trust and openly receive downloads from the Divine and your Higher Self 

Healing religious (patriarchal) trauma & reconnecting to the divine within, the Holy Mother & God consciousness

Open your psychic channels 

Body & Sensuality: 

 Heal body shame and any disconnection or numbness in the body 

Release the tension that builds up in the pelvic bowl and womb space from trauma

Create harmony between you, your womb and your sacred bleed 

Open your heart through somatic touch and connecting to the quantum

Love your body fully – her whole essence, her whole presence


Heal your relationship with your own mother-wound and the Mother archetype 

Become more grounded, anchored and present as a mother 

Learn to meet your own needs and the needs of your child(ren) without losing yourself 

Learn to mother your inner little girl – creating a felt sense of safety in the body 

Integrating the Maiden to Mother Journey

Words from my client, Jessica Stadler...

 "I was walking into knowing that I was headed down a very dark path. I was following habits that were extremely unhealthy, chaotic, and I was out of my body. I was numb. I didn’t know how to process what life event was happening.

No one really does know how to process when someone you love with every ounce of your body is sick and terminal. You never know how to handle watching that person slowly go. On top of that, I was following in dark footsteps to numb that pain, and to distract from reality. 

After 9 months of working with Lauren, I learned how to understand the process of grief. I learned out how tap into my own body and love myself again. I learned how to trust my instincts.

I healed my feminine and my masculine so that I could become the best version of myself. I stepped into being ok with being vulnerable, being my most wild feminine self and loving her in every aspect.

She is beautiful, wild, not too much but just enough, loving, kind, loud, emotional, and sexy as hell. I walked through a path of grief while being so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get out of it but learned how to ride it and know that I was and am safe through it. I learned how to trust the wave and the emotions and allow it to show me the next step and next chapter and next learning lesson. 

I honestly cannot imagine how this year would have gone if I hadn’t worked with Lauren and if I hadn’t stepped into this beautiful container of rebirth. I learned how to heal some massive generational habits (while still healing… I am now aware of it and can trust my next decision).

I found my worth, and allowed my womb to show me the love and creativity I have to offer to the world. I stepped into dating and met someone that I can now receive. I learned to feel what I wanted to feel in the healthy safe beautiful relationship I wanted to be in and doing so helped me to find that and bring that to life. 

I learned to trust ME again and feel my worth. I am now so excited to take all of the tools I learned and bring them to my present and future higher self." 

Jessica Stadler - Community Leader & Influencer Marketing Manager


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