Luminous is the portal that drops you back into your body,

into your priestess power and into your divine feminine


The Divine Feminine Embodied creates ecstasy in every opportunity in her daily life –
that means in mothering, in business, in relationships and in your expansion.


"The new enlightened human has a luminous, activated light-body and is lit up with the flow of creation." -- Leyolah Antara


Our healing as women, lies in the body.


Our ability to heal trauma lies in the depths of our womb and the roots of our pelvic bowl. 


We are being asked to go deeper, to reconnect to our divinity through pleasure and remember the codes of abundance and intuitive knowing that live deep within our cells.

Luminous is meant to take you deep. 


The journey of becoming the most radiant, luminous version of you is not for the weak of heart. 


It is not designed for those craving an ordinary life. 


It is meant for those who are craving more – those who can feel life force pulsating through them, can feel the fire in their hearts and know they came to this planet at this time for a divine mission.


This is for you if ...


  • you are a woman that leads with her desires 
  • you are craving a deeper sense of trust & connection in the body 
  • pleasure is pulsating to be experienced within & outside of you
  • you’ve already created “success” & hit major milestones, and know that your next level comes from deeper embodiment

"In just two sessions with Lauren, I was able to identify and release two major blocks that were getting in the way of my health, my wealth and my happiness and have felt 1000% liberated since.

Lauren's gentle presence and guidance made me feel safe and seen. She is a miracle worker!"

Caitlin Naramore - Business Coach



"Working with Lauren was absolutely wonderful! Her energy feels so comforting. Every month I looked forward to our session with her. 

Lauren helped me reconnect with my inner child and opened my eyes to how my distorted (and honestly somewhat non-existing) relationship with my inner child was holding me back from growing my business.

I can not emphasize enough how important the work is that Lauren does, and I honestly can't think of a better person to go for to do this work then Lauren!"

Serena Milada - Intimacy & Relationship Coach

The Luminous Journey is a full-spectrum approach to healing and brings you back into your feminine body. 


You will unravel and create ripples of ecstasy in your life, business, spirituality and sexuality.


Luminous Results/Outcomes

Business & Divine Mission: 


Soul-aligned to your mission and purpose  

Ability to hold more wealth – generating $10k, 20k & 30k months consistently  

Clarity on your messaging, soul-sister clients and offers

Anchor into discipline practices and rituals that move your business forward  

Allow yourself to be seen in your bigness (ie - lives, podcasts, on stage, at events, etc)

Relationships & Sex: 


Softening as your role of the feminine, creating deeper levels of intimacy in your relationships 

Feel safe to unleash your sacred slut in the bedroom 

Communicating clear expectations and boundaries with your partner 

Feeling more sensual and turned on 

Connected to your yoni and her desires/needs 

Spirituality & Your Intuitive Gifts: 


Connected to the life force that pulsates within you

Trust and openly receive downloads from the Divine and your Higher Self 

Healing religious (patriarchal) trauma & reconnecting to the divine within, the Holy Mother & God consciousness

Open your psychic channels 


Body & Sensuality: 


Heal body shame and any disconnection or numbness in the body 

Release the tension that builds up in the pelvic bowl and womb space from trauma

Create harmony between you, your womb and your sacred bleed 

Open your heart through somatic touch and connecting to the quantum

Love your body fully – her whole essence, her whole presence



Heal your relationship with your own mother-wound and the Mother archetype 

Become more grounded, anchored and present as a mother 

Learn to meet your own needs and the needs of your child(ren) without loosing yourself 

Learn to mother your inner little girl – creating a felt sense of safety in the body 

Integrating the Maiden to Mother Journey

The space I will create for you is unique from other coaching experiences.


I do not believe that there is a singular track for the Priestess, trauma healing and somatic work.  It is of highest service and integrity that I as a coach and High Priestess, hold safety as the foundational tool, always. Your experience and truth are at the forefront of my coaching. I am committed to honoring your humanness and divinity with love, compassion and support always // creating a safe space for you to unravel, unleash, express, and get intimate with all aspects of who you are. 


⤐ I’m a trained somatic trauma specialist

⤐ I’m trained in womb healing and body mapping

⤐ I’m currently undergoing training as a Kundalini dance facilitator and priestess

⤐ I work with Akashic records in the quantum field

⤐ I’m a master at psychological chakra and energetic healing and decoding

⤐ I’m a master mindset and women’s embodiment coach and work with many high achieving, driven and brilliant women in private containers helping them understand themselves and their blindspots, relax into their being and feel fully safe and at home inside their own bodies, in order to expand into all of their heart’s desires

… and supporting women like you is what I live for

I myself, continually, go into the depths of my own healing working closely with coaches and mentors on inner child, shadow, internal family systems, somatic and mindset work and even feminine business structures.


My process is a full-spectrum approach to divine feminine healing.


Full-spectrum Coaching infuses : 
soma (the body) + soul + pleasure + divine feminine + divine masculine

A message from client, Mickaela Mcnatt.


"It has been the most beautiful journey...."


Learn more about Mickaela here.


The Luminous Experience Includes:


6 Month Private Coaching Package

1 x In-Person VIP Luxury Experience (optional)

3 x Monthly 75-Minute 1:1 Private Calls

Monday-Friday Voxer Support 

Access to Dearmoured membership portal +
Signature programs: 'Embodied Mother' and 'Pleasured'


PAY IN FULL $18,888
If you have questions or need more information to see if Luminous is right for you please fill out the application below