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Join us in an experience that will change the way you show up in life, business and relationships.

The way of the feminine leader is no longer about self-sacrifice, hustle or competition. The way of the feminine leader is about connection, collaborative and supportive sisterhood, body-based leadership and creating wealth and influence from the heart, womb and yoni.


In 2022 - we are shattering ceilings, we are letting our wild expression ROAR and we are leaving legacies of body-based leadership, wealth and feminine collaboration.


The Pleasure, Power and Influence Summit is the virtual room you are going to want to be sitting in if you are a coach, healer and industry leader desiring to create a massive impact in 2022. We have brought together some of the most successful, authentic and embodied leaders in the coaching industry and online space for a 3-day experience to share the feminine-led systems, strategies and integrative tools for you to be the most sovereign, pleasured, powerful and influential leader you were designed to be.


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When women come together to collaborate, to co-create, to speak and share mysteries, codes and wisdom - the whole world changes // portals open // walls are torn down // and a new way of being is birthed.




>> Women who are wanting to lead from their authentic feminine expression


>> Women desiring to reclaim relationship with their body, sovereignty and sensuality 


>> Women desiring to create sustainable and scalable businesses from pleasure and their authentic codes 


>> Women wanting to learn safe, trauma-informed sales and structure 


>> Women craving authentic feminine connection and sisterhood 


>> Women who are really wanting to make impact in this world and rewrite the story of what it means to be wealthy, influential and embodied


We are anchoring in a new way. 
We are activating our most pleasurable, powerful and influential selves.
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Lauren Megan is a Trauma Alchemist and Feminine Embodiment coach, healer, conscious mother, partner, speaker and podcast host of The Lauren Megan Show. Using the modalities of somatics and energetics, Lauren heals and coaches women to embody conscious pleasure, purpose and impact.

Her mission is to help women heal, unravel and decondition from the beliefs and generational traumas that keep them from speaking their truth, owning their purpose and receiving the endless amounts of orgasmic bliss they deserve. 


Summit Speakers

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The topics shared at the Pleasure Power Influence Summit were pure GOLD.

Having access to these women is normally worth thousands and you get it for a fraction of that price!

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