A 4 month feminine leadership mastermind to expand your body-based // heart-led business with pleasure and power. 



A 4 month feminine leadership mastermind to expand your body-based // heart-led business with pleasure and power.



"This mastermind literally shifted my business. I stepped into my purpose & my power. Lauren really pushed me to see what my purpose was and to acknowledge and own my worth, and empowered me to see that what I was doing is super powerful."

Imagine the feeling when you get to experience…


Creating offers from a place of feminine surrender. From a place so deeply connected and into your unique magic, that the ideas for best-selling, life-changing offers simply drip out of your soul and through your mouth and fingertips, and into the hearts of your dream clients.


Feeling completely liberated in your creative expression. Being so deeply anchored in your truth, your mission and your voice that you create content and marketing effortlessly that calls out the most perfect-fit portion of your audience and they’re ready to work with you… like yesterday.


Effortless, magnetic, consistent client attraction. Have perfect fit clients dropping into your dms every day and asking how they can work with you because they feel so connected to your message and want to experience your work and be in your energy. Clients that find you are so much more fun to work with than clients that you chase


A deeply intuitive and balanced way of working, coaching and marketing that feels soft and playful, expansive and free while still being commanding, authoritative and fully supported.


Raising your rates with confidence and selling in a way that feels authentic, powerful and seductive, knowing that your dream clients will pay it, re-sign with you, uplevel with you, have their minds blown by your work together and refer you to their entire network because they get every ounce of value from your containers.


Expansive business growth. Scaling the smart way, without hustle, force or excessive heavy lifting and with you, your pleasure and the safety inside your own body as the number one priority (this is the only sustainable way to scale, and once you get this piece right the higher and higher levels are even sweeter)


Going straight to the top of the industry while feeling grounded, confident and turned ON by your voice and your potential to change the lives of the people you serve and feeling so excited to lead your business with heart and soul and PLEASURE as the number one driving force.


This is exactly what Sacred Authority feels like.



"Lauren has pushed me to dig deeper & helped me create massive success that I'm not sure I would have done on my own."

Sacred Authority is a 4 month mastermind experience designed to give you everything you need to create your heart-center and body-based company from pleasure and unwavering power.


And here’s how we’re going to get there…



Step 1. Anchoring into your truth. The first thing we’re going to do is eliminate any stories, beliefs and programming that never even belonged to you in the first place so that you can uncover and fully own your truth, your message and your unique voice. You’ll be so sure of your mission, your direction and your power to have massive impact with your work that you’ll be bursting to show tf up and shout it from the rooftops… without shame, guilt or fear.

Step 2. Liberated expression and amplifying your message. Then you’ll learn the kind of marketing that actually feels liberating, the kind of brand positioning that feels so good to the soul, the kind of offer suite and structures that get the hearts of your ideal clients racing and their blood pumping at the sheer thought of it, the kind of content creation and client-activation strategies that, not only work, but you actually feel excited to implement and are in no way restrictive or forceful or icky. 

Step 3. Seductive sales. Once you are so deeply grounded and connected into your message, your methodologies, your offers and your marketing, sales starts to feel so so fun. Selling out your offers is effortless, your presence and authority is magnetic, your message and power are so crystal clear that sales no longer feels awkward but expansive and sexy and spiritual.

"Working with Lauren is so powerful. If you are on the fence, I'd highly recommend. She is really simply helping me change my life."

Sacred Authority. The Mastermind.

A process like no other.


This is the process we’ll work through across the space of four months. I’ll be teaching you proven online strategies, timeless online marketing, and deeply expansive soul-work through modalities like somatic healing,  trauma and shadow work to clear unhelpful stories and beliefs, with teaching, practices, rituals and high-touch hot-seat style coaching - where you’ll have chance every call to receive coaching, healing and support.


We’ll cover owning your message, pleasure-led offer creation, the masculine led structure to scale and support, team building, yummy and potent content creation, sales and so much more.


You’ll have a group session every week for 3 weeks of each month, with Voxer support 3 days a week, and a week off calls every month to integrate, implement, test, tweak and optimize. 


You’ll be in a close, intimate container with other powerful, mission-driven women dedicated to scaling their businesses in a way that feels good, playful and FUN as you are, to witness each other in your upleves, to hold space for one another, to cheer each other on and be the foundation from which we all rise… (this one piece alone is worth its weight in gold).



Hi, I’m Lauren, your Sacred Authority host


I'm a mother, somatic trauma healer, pleasure coach & priestess. I heal and initiate women into the full-spectrum divine feminine by connecting them back to their roots, womb & heart. My mission is to help women heal, unravel and decondition from the beliefs and generational traumas that keep them from leading from desire, expressing their wild feminine and receiving the wealth, legacy & intimacy they crave.

Click here to read what some of the women I've worked with have to say.

Your investment:



Regular Enrollment // includes a 90-minute private session with Lauren to support with anchoring and attuning into your business




x 4 montly payments // Regular Enrollment // includes a 90-minute private session with Lauren to support with anchoring and attuning into your business

Please note that I have created a two options for you to step into Sacred Authority with an extended payment plan option. You will still receive all of the above, but with extended options we can help soothe the nervous system and be met where we are at. 
6 month extended payment plan: $800 x 6 monthly payments
8 month extended payment plan: $600 x 8 monthly payments 


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