Sacred Magnetism Masterclass


A pre-recorded workshop teaching you the 3 key principles to attracting soul clients into your coaching business consistently.


Sacred Magnetism Masterclass


Learn the 3 key principles to attracting perfect fit clients into your coaching business consistently 

…with Lauren Megan. July 7, 1:30pm EST


Anchor into your truth, activate your unique message and liberate yourself to attract perfect fit clients into your coaching business effortlessly

What is Sacred Magnetism?



Sacred magnetism is what happens when you have a unique power to draw the right things to you in such a way that feels so good it’s sacred, spiritual, miraculous. This is how good your business and marketing should feel.


Here’s what I know to be true…


Growing a successful coaching business is about so much more than strategy.


Anyone can teach you strategy (and I bet you’ve got a whole list of programs and courses to prove it).


So why, then, have you still not been able to scale your business to a consistent and sustainable $10k / month?


It’s because growing a successful coaching business that actually feels delicious to run and satisfies your every desire and allows you to have the kind of impact you know you were destined for (which is the true key to income growth anyway)… takes more than the masculine nature of strategy, planning, hustle and force.


The strategy is necessary, yes. But the magic of flow, fun, freedom, pleasure, of attracting perfect fit clients who get the best results from your work and refer you to their entire network, the kind of magic that has you elevating into your highest self effortlessly which has even more perfect fit clients lining up to work with you because they want to be a part of that elevation, that gives you the kind of freedom you’ve always dreamed of while you make more money than you ever have before…? That’s what magnetism looks like.


And achieving the delicate balance of these two worlds is what I like to call… 


Sacred Magnetism. 


And I’m diving into exactly what it means to step into Sacred Magnetism to call in perfect fit coaching clients on repeat and scale your business to minimum $10k months inside this special, one-time masterclass.



The 3 key principles to Sacred Magnetism are:


 1. Anchoring into your truth. Knowing who you are and what you stand for, and stepping into the next level version of you and your feminine leadership.


2. Activating your unique message. Becoming so clear on exactly HOW you communicate your unique magic in such a way that positions you as the ultimate feminine authority and has ONLY the right people drawn to you, meaning your offers sell out effortlessly.


3. Liberated expression. Liberated marketing is what happens when you feel so anchored in your voice, so connected and clear in your message that you feel FREE. It’s so easy and exciting to sell and share your work (without any of the old-school marketing ick).



Inside the Sacred Magnetism Masterclass I’m going to teach you how to implement the 3 key principles of sacred magnetism in your coaching business immediately so that you can experience:


✺ Effortless, magnetic, consistent client attraction - have perfect fit clients dropping into your dms every day and asking how they can work with you because they feel so connected to your message and want to experience your work and be in your energy.


✺ Spine-tingling, grounded confidence - in your truth, your message and your work and knowing exactly how to talk about your coaching methodologies in a way that gets your ideal clients buzzing with excitement and that you feel lit up and excited and overflowing to share… which makes growing an engaged community of loyal fans and buyers easy.


✺ Seductive selling - sales that feel satisfying to you AND the human being who wants to work with you. A mutually beneficial exchange between two consenting humans who are just so excited to be in each other’s presence and create magic together… this is how good sales really gets to feel when you have all of the other pieces in place.