There’s more to business than just the hustle and hitting those huge, next level goals. There is more to life than the day to day void that you can quietly slip into no matter what mindset work you have done. You find yourself creating the income, the impact - yet you feel like you are at your cap. 

Right at the brink of burnout, but so close to that next level...

This is where we guide you back home into your body, your grounding, your sacral and tap into the somatics, the trauma work, and the deep energetic healing. 

Sometimes, in order to expand, we are being called to trust the divine masculine and lean back... We are being asked to lean all the way into our Divine Feminine, yet - rest feels foreign. 

The extra space feels suffocating.

But you know that something has to shift - because you have found that having a successful business isn't enough to fill that deep hunger for more. More rest, more play, more pleasure, and more love. All while having the energetic space to grow your brand and impact in exponential ways.  


A few of my core beliefs: 

>> When you are willing to show up for yourself, honor your desires and lead from being rooted in the heart // you shift the energetic frequency for yourself and the planet, changing what gets to be possible with the ripple effect of your impact. 


>> When you are embodied and integrated in your truth // you express yourself in a way that co-create with the Universe, collapsing time & playing within the realms of limitless possibility


>> It no longer serves humanity to keep women hidden, exhausted, and disconnected from their wombs and bodies // you’re meant to be loud, to take up space & be seen fully in your truth. You are meant to be, flow, and receive with ease. 


>> That the good girl, the good woman, the good mom archetype is being transcended into the bad bitch - wild woman // giving you permission as a women to be loud in our missions, be firm in your convictions and be unwavering in what you believe is as you life force truth 


I believe that right now as women, we are being called to shift what it means to be womb-man.


We get to change what gets to be. And it begins here, learning to embody your power // this is how we change the world 


We get to change the way we lead, serve, generate wealth, receive, play  // we get to create lives that feel expansive, nourishing & filled with orgasmic bliss. Honestly. 

I'm Ready to fill out my application!

The space I will create for you is unique from other coaching experiences. I do not believe that there is a singular track for healing and somatic work, because we are fluid.  It is of highest service and integrity that I as a coach and practitioner hold safety as the foundational tool, always. Your experience and truth are at the forefront of my coaching. I am committed to honoring your humanness and divinity with love, compassion and support always // creating a safe space for you to unravel, unleash, express, and get intimate with all aspects of who you are. 


My methodology is unique, as we focus primarily on the body and somatic experience. Rooting down into safety and then allowing space for you to access the sacred wisdom that is stored within you. 


My process is based on working with the four bodies: Energetic, Physical, Emotional and Mental // infusing in a holistic approach to healing and understanding that from wholeness we connect back into our own divinity..

>> you are a business owner already seeing your impact grow (earning $10k-20k months) and are wanting to energetically expand your capacity for more, while being fully embodied in both your sacred masculine & sacred feminine.


>> you are a mother torn between her desires & her families’ needs, feeling stuck/hopeless/& unworthy in the in-between // you’re desiring to feel whole again, grounded back into your own body & knowing of self // you crave self-love & support & pleasure 


>> you are a coach, and leader in the online space, telling the story of alignment, prosperity, and growth -- yet you feel like you’re living in constant fight or flight behind the scenes // you’re longing for authenticity & connection back with your own body. 


>> you are a healer, light worker, coach or mentor on an ever evolving journey into your own healing and expansion and are desiring to go deeper into somatic, healing, and your OWN journey// you are wanting a safe space to unhook from any stories, limitations or entanglements keeping you from fully showing up as the leader you desire to be - and give space for you to be held, heard, and energetically supported through your uplevels.


>> Somatics + Trauma (certified)

>> Energetic Alchemy (certified)

>> Quantum Healing through the Akashic Records (certified)

>> other practices I infuse in are: Breath work, Mirror work, womb + Sacral healing/activations, Embodiment practices, goddess energy, Shifting patterns of the subconscious through inner child + shadow work and working with my energetic team to pull in channeled messages, guidance + energy work of the highest light


The space I create for our 1:1 container is why this is a VIP experience. Our time together is sacred & holy in every aspect.

During our time together, you can expect the following:


▴▴ 3 monthly calls // 60 minutes ▴▴


▴▴ Direct access to me via Voxer // for off session support ▴▴


▴▴ Exclusive access to courses, workshops & programs during our time together and discounts for retreats and masterminds ▴▴


▴▴ (optional) 2-day luxury experience in Florida // for in-person healing, expansion & masterminding ▴▴



▴▴ Investment: $2222/month
 PIF options // 6 month commitment - $13k, 9 month commitment - $19k & 12 month commitment - $25k
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A message from a recent client, Mickaela Mcnatt.


"It has been the most beautiful journey...."


Learn more about Mickaela here.



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∆ my vision for you is that your most authentic, expressed self is activated in this container. 


∆ trust the Holy YES is pulsating through you --your desire to be connected, turned on and fully in your power is meant fo YOU !!