Hi babe!

I channeled in the following letter the day all the pieces of the program finally came together. For the past year, I have been sitting with a beautiful container to serve the conscious mother. Witnessing my own triggers, healing the “mother wound” (which I will unravel in E/M) and coming back into a deep and expansive relationship with my body -- has shifted all of what it now means for me to be an embodied mother. 


Truthfully, I fought this program for over a year. 


My level of resistance to committing to something dedicated to the mother could win an award at this point. Despite the constant back and forth, my soul has called me to this moment // launching an experience (because courses are gross) and inviting YOU IN to join me on a journey of what it means to shift from a mother who feels separated from self to a mother that feels connected, integrated and whole. 


Before you decide if this is for you, please get curious. If you feel called, ground in and read this letter, I believe channeled through just for YOU. If it speaks to your soul, I would love to guide you through this six week experience and hold a safe space as you fully embody the mother and woman you most authentically are. 

Say no more! I'm in!

Embodiment work as a mother is a little different than embodiment of the maiden. 

The maiden desires sensual connection to the body, and the mother struggles a bit more to connect in. She’s always on for others: serving, giving, holding. Never really allowing the space to receive or come back home to herself 

The sacral energy isn’t just sexual anymore, it’s also creative.  

It’s divinity in its purest light. 

My role is to teach this -- to teach healing and embodiment to the mother. 

>> To the woman who has felt and bared down to the co-creative powers of birth. 

>> To the woman who has breathed life into the world. 

>> To the woman that gives herself over and over and over again to another -- with little but love in return 

 This woman deserves to come back home to her body. 

She deserves the felt sense of love, connection, trust within self. 

From this place, she shifts the world.

From this place, she shifts consciousness. 

A priestess commits to two things: do no harm and always protect the children 

When we shift into a felt sense of love, connection and wholeness -- we commit back to these two virtues. We begin to hold our children in safety as they navigate the 3D back home to their infinite realms of possibility

When we hold our children there: all the problems shift, the perspectives shift, the mission shifts, the outcomes shift, expansion shifts and we shift collectively.  

We have to be willing to see and hold mothers as they are. 

We have to be willing to see mothers empowered with their gifts and superpowers.

 This is the initiation of the embodied mother -- six weeks of rebirth 


To be embodied as a mother is to be in her body -- to honor her desires first. Not selfishly. Not forcefully, but from a space of grounding and from a space of energetic expansion. 


The outcome: truth, wholeness, love, connection, desires felt, bliss experienced 

xx - lauren 


This speaks to my soul + I'm ready to commit!

this six week experience is for any and all mother’s and/or woman who desire to one day step into motherhood. 


>> this is for the new mother, who feels like she lost herself.

She goes days wondering if the constant demands of baby ever end or if this is how it will be from now on. 

She looks down at her belly, tears in her eyes, almost afraid to touch her torn and tender belly. She feels alone, lost, disconnected. 

She’s desiring connection, fulfillment and deep, intimate self-love. 


>> this for the mother with all the kids, doing all the things and feeling somewhat exhausted.

Maybe on paper or better yet her IG feed, everything looks picture perfect; but there’s a deep level of disconnect.

She goes to sleep wondering if this is more.

She feels anxious, always wondering where she give more or do more -- filling her days hoping that the next thing is the right thing.

She’s tired, she’s depleted -- she desires someone to care for her.

She desires to be held, she desires slow down, she desires being in her magnetism again. 


>> this is for the mother, who maybe isn’t a mother just yet.

The desire is there.

The knowing that she’s being summoned to be initiated into motherhood.

>> this is for the mother, that knows there is more.

That’s the answer to every question … what do you want? MORE. what do you desire? MORE. what do you need. MORE

You want more intimacy, more love, more compassion, more fulfillment, more play, more pleasure, more than what motherhood has been defined as.

You want more for your children, more for your family and more for this world.




Let's go! Commiting to my desires NOW!


Lauren is an embodiment and leadership coach, healer, conscious mother, partner, speaker and podcast host of The Lauren Megan Show. Using the modalities of reiki, somatics and the akashic records on the quantum field, Lauren heals and coaches women to embody conscious pleasure, purpose and impact. Her mission is to help women heal, unravel and decondition from the beliefs and generational traumas that keep them from speaking their truth, owning their purpose and receiving the endless amounts of orgasmic bliss they deserve.

At The End Of These Six Weeks Together:


If you decide to commit and show up for yourself over these next six weeks, I can only guarantee one thing .. something deep within you will shift. Your essence, your presence, your bigness will be felt. 


This is program is not about doing more, it is about expanding your own energetic capacity so that more is simply felt. 


You will feel abundant, you will feel whole, you will feel safe. You will be connected back into body, anchored firmly into your authentic truth as a mother.


>> You will have access to recordings of live calls and  you will also have access to a private portal with weekly embodiment practices + pre-recorded trainings <<


Week One :

Re-mothering // healing the mother wound/lineage + inner-child healing

Practice : Embodying Safety


Week Two:

Sacral + Generational Healing // connecting back to our divine feminine

Practice : Sacral Healing Work


Week Three:

 Understanding our pleasures, desires, wants & needs 

Practice: throat + solar plexus activation


Week Four:

Guest Coach + Breathwork Facilitator Erin Nicole Portal : Guided Breathwork Session


Week Five:

Forgiveness + opening up the heart for 5D expansion & quantum healing 

Practice : ho'oponopono on the quantum field


Week Six:

Shifting Patterns //  relationships with partners + our children

Practice: Embodying Your Own Expansion





 3 x monthly payments of 



Includes a 90 minute private session with Lauren (valued at $3333)




What happens once I enroll:

You will receive access to a private IG account and private membership portal where all program material will be held.


Is this course ran live?

Right now the course is ran as self-paced. Each week you will receive a pre-recorded training video and the embodiment practice for the week. All training material well be accessible in the portal.


Will I receive lifetime access?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to all material, direct access to live trainings and continued support via the private Instagram page.


How much access to Lauren will I receive?

You will get support from Lauren in the private IG account. You can DM her directly or share something on a thread.